A New Chapter!

Welcome to Countryside Workshop and the new website. 

Like the title says this is a new chapter for Countryside Workshop. I am still doing commissions for customers but I want to reach a wider audience as well. Not everyone wants to buy something. There are several people out there like myself that get a sense of satisfaction from building it themselves. 

In woodworking no 2 people are on the same level of craftsmanship and on the same learning curve. I want to help bridge that gap whether you have never touched a tool before or you have been in the craft for many years. Everyone can stand to learn something. Like for myself this whole blogging, video recording, information gathering, and giving is new and I will do my best to learn it as fast and efficiently as possible. Even though I am not new to teaching, I am new to teaching woodworking and teaching via the internet. Teaching in person for my day job and teaching through the internet is vastly different although the same principles apply.

  • You have to interest your audience
  • You have to keep them interested
  • You have to engage them 


  • You have to get them involved and keep them involved. Interaction is key to learning.

I hope at some point I can open the doors to my shop to people that want to learn hands on. There are a lot of legality issue involved so that will take some time to get sorted through.

You don't need a huge shop to make beautiful things. You only need a few tools and small corner to build in. It doesn't even have to be a dedicated corner. I have seen people make beautiful things out of their living room in a New York City sky rise. In fact you will see that I am in a garage workshop that I have to share with some other items at the moment.

In the near future (hopefully) you will see tool reviews, project updates, tutorials, and just overall information giving. I am hoping some of those will be in video format, but we will have to see how that goes.

I am a "weekend woodworker". Meaning I have a "9-5" day job and I am in the shop from "5-9". We even have a dedicated Ezine for us weekend woodworkers.

I am not trying to replace any other learning source or podcast out there as they all have great information and I follow a dozen or more of them. They serve as great inspiration for what I am trying to do. I am going to strive to the standards that have been set from people like:

For those of you that don't know me or what I do:

I am currently active duty Coast Guard and striving to make a legacy for my self and my family. I initially got into woodworking from my grandfather. He built and donated everything he made. I can't remember one time when he charged for a piece he made, but he was also retired. I would like to get to that point in my life, but right now I want to make a living in everything woodworking.

I have spent the last 9 years traveling all over the United States and all over the World. I have spent more days away from home teaching partnering nations' militaries in law enforcement than I have spent days at home. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything as they have made me who I am today. As much as I miss being on the road and teaching, I miss being in the shop even more. I feel grounded when I can spend just a few minutes in the shop.

As I post more you will learn a little more about me and my experiences. I may even start a series of posts about stories from around the world. Some of it may have to do with woodworking but some may not. I believe it is the stories in someones life that helps us connect with each other. So if I am to be successful in this adventure, then I need to let all of you know more about me in hopes that you will connect with me and stay engaged.

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For now, Stay Safe!

Jeremy Crawford

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