The History of Countryside Workshop

I remember spending time with my grandfather in his shop as a child. I was enthralled by his attention to detail and how he refused to cut corners, even if it meant missing a deadline. His uncompromising focus on quality inspired my passion for woodworking at an early age. When he passed the tools in his shop on to me a few years ago, I felt honored to continue the family tradition of quality and workmanship. Having the essential tools to build just about any project, I decided to start my business – the Countryside Workshop.

Mamaw & Pampaw

My Father, Pampaw, Brother, Nephew, Son, & Me!

My Son & Me!

The Future of Countryside Workshop

My ultimate dream is to build Countryside Workshop into a legacy I might one day hand down to my son, should he decide he shares my grandfather’s and my passion for woodworking. Before that can happen, I need to create a sustainable business that allows me to transition from my full time military career. To do this, I have four specific strategic goals:

  • Purchase key machines and materials to maximize my shop time efficiency. 
  • Create a physical market space that allows me to offer my services to build customized projects for clients. 
  • Create an online store that allows me to sell products that I have designed and built. 
  • Open my shop to other military, ex-military and civilian folks who share my passion understand the therapeutic nature of getting lost in a woodworking project.

Some of these goals are long term efforts that will require time and persistence to achieve. For example, I’ll need to make sure the shop is OSHA compliant before I can invite others to join me in the shop for lessons and shared experiences. Another example: I am currently working out of my garage, which doesn’t make for a compelling store front that helps potential clients to see Countryside Workshop as an actual business. However, I need to crawl before I can walk and I have to start somewhere.