Woodshop 101 ANNOUNCEMENT : Patron of Patreon

Big Announcement

We are now on Patreon!! Become a Patron of our Patreon Campaign. We have decided to start a Patreon Campaign because we want to bring you the same great content plus more. Please stop by our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/woodshop101 to check it out. We want to be clear, if you decide to not support us YOU WILL NOT STOP RECEIVING THE SHOW. It will remain free through all channels. Becoming a Patron will only give you access to some other great reward levels and give you another avenue to contact us and ask questions. 

This campaign will help us improve the show such as...

  • Allowing us to move the show to it's own website.
  • Possibly adding a 3rd Co-Host (we will still have guest co-hosts, that will not go away).
  • Upgrade audio equipment to provide a better audio feed to you.

Some of the rewards you could receive are...

  • $1 - Access to our Patron only Feed to ask questions, give feedback, or just stop by to chat.
  • $10 - Previous reward levels + one of your questions will be answered on the air, guaranteed. It will be answered before we pick any other question to be on the show + a Patron only Woodshop 101 Sticker.
  • $40 - Previous reward levels + you can join us once a month after the show to ask us questions or just hang out via Skype. We Record on Thursdays and the show goes live Monday Morning.
  • $60 - Previous reward levels + you can pick either:
    • Rock-n H Woodshop Dead Blow Mallet
    • Countryside Workshop Turned Carver's Mallet
  • Plus some other great reward levels.

Patron Exclusive Sticker

Rock-n H Woodshop Dead Blow Mallet


You can send us an email at woodshop101podcast@gmail.com

Our Facebook is www.facebook.com/woodshop101podcast

Twitter : @Woodshop101pod

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojHQH2cOt2w7dMRxEnBDkw

You can call our Skype name and leave us a voicemail at woodshop101podcast