Woodshop 101 #009 : Procrastination is what's in the Shop!


Today we will talk about keeping Woodworking fun. We are joined tonight by guest host Steve Carmichael of The Carmichael Workshop.

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Drew - Trying to kick this sickness!!

Steve - Working on putting together his X-Carve CNC and thinking about his next woodworking project. He Just wrapped up his 2x4 challenge project.

Jeremy - Not spending  a lot of time in the shop because the finish on the Pen Display is taking days to dry. The Sofa finally has a dead line, Friday!!

How do you keep woodworking fun?

Steve - Having a Clean Shop, building quick projects that can be completed in a day or two, & building what he wants and not worrying about selling it.

Drew -  Having a Clean Shop & putting your own spin on a project.

Jeremy - Teaching outside the internet or taking a class regardless if it is something I know a lot about.


  • Joshua Luther - I have a question about Purebond Plywood that you can buy at the HD and/or Lowes. It has a core inside that is pressed wood or MDF. What are your thoughts on using this for furniture.
    • Between the 3 of us we do not have a lot of experience with Purebond Plywood so we would like your kickback on it. Use the hashtag #WS101episode9 in all of your social media outlets.
    • You can check out this article Jeremy wrote recently that talks about the differences between MDF and Plywood. Why Pay more for Custom!


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