What's Next?

For those of you that do not already know, I am in the US Military. The US Coast Guard to be specific. I have been in the service for 11 years and have about 8-9 years left to retirement. It feels great to do something bigger than myself and being able to serve my county is something I cherish. I would never trade the experiences I have gained or the people I have met because it made me whom I am today. In fact the Instructor experience that I had gave me the confidence to start Countryside Workshop. But the one thing that has grown old is the moving every 2-4 years. I enjoy being able to do a different job every few years but I do not enjoy the up rooting of the family and the physical moving of the shop/ household. It creates a lot of stress and moving parts for about 8 month (4 months leading up to the move and 4 months after the move). 2016 is no different...

I am due to rotate this year and if you listen to Woodshop 101 Podcast that I co-host with Drew Short of Rock-n H Woodshop then you heard me mention several times that I am waiting on my orders. Well... The wait is over. I am happy to announce that in the Summer of 2016 my family and my business will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina (or a suburb of Charleston). I will be an instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in North Charleston. I am going to try to pre-record some videos so you will still receive some content from me. But there will be no new woodworking videos from me for a few months. I hope to be back fully operational by Mid-September. The Woodshop 101 Podcast will continue to be recorded and released on schedule or at least that is the plan. I am going to use that transition time to move business administrative stuff from Texas to South Carolina (business license, Sales/Use Tax permit, insurance, etc.). I am also going to use that time to try and release more blog posts. I have wanted to start writing a regular series of posts about the experiences I had in all the foreign countries that I have visited and the woodworking that I got to see.

I hope that I will be able to attend more shows and meet more YouTube Woodworkers now that I will be back on the east coast. If you are in the south east part of the United States then reach out to me or leave a comment below so maybe one day we can spend a day in the shop together.

Until Next Time,

Happy Woodworking

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