CSW Not So Rustic Table

After 3 years of my wife asking for a table I have decided to build it. After searching the internet for design ideas, I couldn't find what I wanted. Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer, happened to put out a plan that I liked, it just didn't suit my needs fully. I decided I would modify the plans for my choice in materials and finish. You can view Marc's build at his website, Episode 208 Part 1 & Episode 209 Part 2.

Marc's table was designed for outdoor dining, my table is for indoor dining. My choice of materials is going to be Soft Maple for the legs, Pine for the apron and stretchers, & Red Oak for the top. She likes the painted base with stained top look so my choice in materials was based on durability and price.

The table was designed to fit 6 people, 2 people on each bench and then 2 chairs on the ends. I wanted a table that would sit 8 people but we have owned 2 tables that have sat 8 people and we got rid of them because we moved and then didn't have space. So instead of putting in all this work on a table we might have to get rid of later, I just settled for a 6 person design.

All the joinery will be done with traditional dowels. I will be using the JessEm Doweling Jig but this can easily be completed with any doweling jig, like this one from Rockler.

Half Lap Joints will be used to connect the lower supports with the middle stretchers. The stretchers will be sandwiched between the two lower supports.


Rustic Dining Table

The PDF Plan and SketchUp File will continue to be updated until the build is complete. Once the build is complete all the plans will be in their final state.

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