Fast Cap

When it comes to innovation Fast Cap takes the hat. They help bring small ideas to reality. I have several of their products, in fact to many to list here. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of everything I have. And I have no doubt that everything they offer is top notch. Being in the military, it is important to me that businesses I choose to endorse support the military. Paul Akers, CEO, was nothing but kind and informative when I contacted him about products I wanted for my shop.

A couple of their products that I have and enjoy are:

Kaizen Foam: It comes in 3 different thicknesses: ⅞" (20mm), 1 ⅛" (30mm), and 2 ¼" (57mm). It also comes in 3 different color combinations: Black, White, and Black & White. The sheet sizes come in 2'x4'. With the wide variety of sizes and colors they have something for everyone. It is a quick innovative storage solution.

It is a simple 3 step process:

Trace: Trace your tools with a black fine point marker.

Cut: Cut along the black lines with a sharp utility knife or scalpel.

Peel: Peel out the layers to the desirable depth. 

ProCarpenter Tape Measure Series: I have several of these. They come in 9 different configurations:

  1. Old Standby Standard: Reads in large numbers and come in either 16', 25', or 30'.
  2. Standard Story Pole: One side has measurements and one side has a blank spot for writing notes. It comes in 16' or 25'.
  3. Reverse Standard: It features measurements that can be read from the right or left hand side of the tape. It comes in 16' or 25'.
  4. Metric Standard: Features standard measurements on one side and metric measurements on the other. It comes in 12', 16', or 25'.
  5. True32 Metric Reverse: Reads from the left or right side of the tape and features the True32 system. It comes in 16'.
  6. Flat Back Tape Measure: You can measure around curved surfaces or have accurate measurements without the contour of a regular tape measure. The Flat Back comes in 4 sub-models: Standard Story Pole, Metric Standard, Old Standby Standard, Metric Reverse. They all come in 16'.
  7. Autolock: Pull the blade out and it stays in place. Push the button to retract. It comes in 2 sub-models: Standard Reverse & Metric Standard. They come in 16'.
  8. Timberframe: designed to make timberframe contraction easier. It comes in 30'.
  9. Burn One: Designed to have 2 inches of blank space followed by the 0" starting point. This eliminates the math problems of burning an inch. It comes in 16'.

They all feature a notepad on the front and a pencil sharpener on the bottom.

Kiss Drill Bit System: The perfect drill bit system to put next to your drilling station or your drill press. It features 82 color coded drill bits. Each bit goes into its correct spot based on its colors and size. The larger drill bits will be too tall for the small locations and the small bits will be too short to be seen in the larger locations. They vary in size from 1/16" to ½" in 1/64" increments. Each size comes with multiple bits. They also come with a few driver sets. The one thing I feel it is missing as a woodworker is the brad point. I really think they need to make a Brad Point version and change the color of the case and the colors on the bits. That way your won't get your bits mixed up with the split point bits. The precision of a brad point is what I think will push most woodworkers over the edge in purchasing a KISS Drill Bit System. Also I think they should offer impact driver sets as an option. 

Overall, my impressions with Fast Cap as a company are nothing but fantastic. I will continue to purchase their products. The next products I think I will try is the Zero Clearance Tape for my Miter Saw and the iPole mini with the iClip for recording short videos that require a lot of moving without a lot of instruction similar to my last vlog which can be found here:

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