When I hear shop safety I automatically think about the table saw and ways I can be safer working with it. One of the biggest ways you can be safer on EVERY table saw is by using a good push stick. I have looked at several and own a couple. In my opinion there is no one size fits all. But if there were, Microjig would have it. The Grr-Riper 3D Push Block system lets you do things that wouldn't be safe with any other push stick. It has several different leg thicknesses so you can do rip/ cross cuts on thin stock. It goes all the way down to ⅛th inch.Most push sticks can only be used at the table saw. Well the Grr-riper can be used to joint boards on the jointer, they can be used at the router table, they can even be used for resawing on the bandsaw. The superior gripping material in the bottom keeps you from sliding off of your material. 

They come in two models. The GR-200 and the GR-100.  

Picture provided by Microjig

I started using the Grr-Riper GR-200 several months back and am in love. I have been able to make cuts that I couldn't have safely done before. What happens when your blade contacts the push block? Well it just cuts through the material and the rest of the bottom stays intact. In fact Microjig has it all thought out. You can actually buy replacement legs for when you cut yours all up. It is better to sacrifice some push block material than your fingers. 

If you want to purchase a system for your self you can pick them up at your local dealer or online here.  

Microjig has made my work a little safer. I wouldn't mind reviewing more of their products because I stand behind their company and the products they offer. These will remain my go to push blocks for my table saw.  

Picture provided by Microjig

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