Cadillac of all Extension Cords

About 8 months ago I was looking for a new extension cord. I was tired of unwinding a new extension cord every time I needed one. And I need one every time I work in the shop. Running new outlets just wasn't an option as my shop is part of a rental house. If I were to own it then it wouldn't have been a problem. So this extension cord needed to be able to handle the amperage of my tools, provide multiple outlets, be 50+ feet in length, and above all else be able to retract. I looked around at every local home improvement store and just couldn't find anything I was happy with. Then I remembered I saw a cool extension cord on the DIY Network's show Cool Tools. It was called the RoboReel Power. I reached out to Marty Gillespie over at Great Stuff, Inc. (the manufacturer of the RoboReel line), told him what I needed. He quickly sent me the RoboReel Power Ceiling.

It is a permanent ceiling mount extension cord and it crushes the competition. Some of the most notable features are:

  • 360° rotation
  • push button on/off at the end of the cord
  • motor driven retraction
  • winds at the push of a button
  • numerous safety features

For the entire comparison list click here!

After using this cord for 8 months I now want to purchase their entire line. That would be a couple thousand dollars, so I will have to hold off for now. But they do make a portable extension cord, water hose, and air hose. Check out this video and by the time you finish it you will WANT it as well.

If you have decided to make the purchase contact Great Stuff, inc. at 1-888-GR8-STUFF.