My Life in a Suitcase

With the release of the Military Memory Box video recently I felt like it was time to finally sit down and start writing the series about my travels overseas. I am going to call this series "My Life in a Suitcase". I have been to dozens of countries, some for a day and some longer, and I have been fortunate to meet many awesome people and get to see many amazing things. I have collected a lot of woodworking items over the years and learned the back story behind many of them. I will try to keep this series "on topic" of woodworking but some stories may just need to be told and may have no relevance to woodworking.

Many of the stories you will read here have never been told before and I am using this blog series to share them with everyone.

I am going to try and release one a month. The first one will be out soon. If you do not want to miss an article in this series then click here to be notified by email when an article is released or click here to subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I send out a weekly email of what is new in the shop along with a little note from me.