Youtube Channel back online!

Finally after weeks of doing research and trying to find out why our Youtube Channel was suspended we have heard something back. The first several times we requested an appeal we were told, "We cannot help you." I had given up and created a new Channel and moved all the content to that channel. Well we received an email about a day later saying they reviewed our appeal and see that our channel was suspended in error and our channel has been restored with everything still intact. They gave no reason as to why it was suspended in the first place but none the less I am happy it is back. It will take us a few days, maybe not, to get everything switched back to the old channel. But you can probably start seeing new content being published there soon. 

My brother will be in the shop next week and he is wanting to work on some projects. I will see if I can get a little video of it. I have many things on the bench and will start producing more content. I have taken the last several weeks off due to moving but the shop is finally starting to get organized and I will start building again soon.

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